26 March 2013

Langkawi; Using public transport all the way down to reach the Andaman sea

 Temurun Waterfall, Lankgawi Malaysia

          My trip was to travel to Langkawi, I started from Krabi in the early morning. I set my plan to travel by using public means all the way down to the south of Thailand and reach the island in the Andaman sea. I think, we all know that if we want to visit somewhere "a must visit". We will jump into a pack of tourists. So, I want to get off from the beaten tracks.

          I took the public bus from Krabi Bus Station at 7.30 a.m. directly to Trang, then took another public bus from Trang to Satun. When I arrived Satun I was looking for pick-up truck to connect to Tammalung pier where all travellers are checked their passport and show ticket before going out Thailand to Langkawi. Round trip ticket is only available for Thais. The trip had not end yet, my next journey travelled by the sea. The huge ferry boat took me to the island. It was luck enough that there was no storm, no cloud during my trip. This trip by ferry took around 1 hour until I got the island. I finally arrived Langkawi. After that I took a taxi from the pier to the resort. So, my whole trip took around 8 hours. It was not bad to use public transport for my travelling, it only gave me a little bit tired but the view during the way to the destination was spectacular, so I forgot all sort of obstacles.

          The picture of the waterfall above was the place I really enjoyed. It called Temurun waterfall. I rented a motorbike and spent the day by driving around the island.

Tammalung port, Satun

Langkawi port


  1. Wow. Traveled by a ferry to another country. That is new to me. Recommend that Trang should be your next trip. :)

  2. Thanks for your recommendation! I've been to Trang several times. Yes sure, I can go again and again. I would suggest you to visit there too.