25 July 2014

A Day Trip to Si Chang Island

At first glance when you are approaching the island. You may come up with the question like “Is this a tempting offer?” It is understandable why you think this way, because its area is surrounded by cargo ships, fishing boats, ugly buildings etc. The whole island doesn’t seem so attractive, you may think. I do sometimes when I see something and it is not from what I am expecting, I could jump to conclusion easily and disappointed, but it is not always the case. Here, in this island there are some places could blow your mind. 

I set my one day trip plan to Si Chang island because I just want to swim and off from the beaten track at the same time that are the reasons. So I grasped things that I only needed for swimming then I went out swiftly. I took the ferry from Koh Loi port, Si Racha, the fare is 50 baht. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the island. When I got there, I rented a motorbike which is 250 baht for one day, there is no need to identify yourself before they hand it to you. You just pay and take a motorbike ride. I rode along the road, before long I was out of town and emerged myself in the middle of mountain area, it looks green and lush, it was quite pleasant, and the air was fresh actually. I dropped by some places then I was heading to the beach that I wanted to spend most of the relaxing time to swim, read and drink. Here are some pictures.

The ferry leaves every hour, the last trip from the island to Si Racha is at 7.00 pm, the fare for the last ferry is 60 baht.

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