31 March 2017

Pomelo (Kaao Yai) : a yummy fruit of Samut Songkram

Pomelo Grove

There are varieties of pomelo in Thailand That means there are many choices to pick the one we like. For me I didn't really pay much attention which pomelo is the best. If I want to eat it I just go to a fresh market and buy it. Until recently I changed my mind, I have found a special pomelo. I remembered how confusing when I went to a fresh market to buy a pomelo, it was not easy to pick one. I saw lots of varieties I had no idea which one I really wanted. They come in different colours and different shapes. Fortunately, some venders convinced me to taste different kinds of pomelo, so I didn't hesitate to try and then I could make a decision.

Luckily, that day I found a pomelo I wanted to buy. It is called "Kaao Yai" (ขาวใหญ่) sepecies. The vender was kind enough giving me some pomelo flesh to taste, he told me, 'It is special pomelo because it is seedless, or has some tiny seeds.' and he gave me a little bit background of Kaao Yai. It has been widely grown in Samut Songkram province. The rich soil makes Kaao Yai a special pomelo. It is getting popalar not only Thais but also oversea customers, especially Chinese customers. I have no doubt what he did say because I could see that pomelo flesh I had just chewed pop-up nicely in my mouth, crunchy, sweet and a little bit sour. It is yummy indeed! Its colour is like honey. Farmers call its sack "shrimp" (koong in Thai) because of its shape, he remarked.
Kaao Yai is one of the best pomelos I have heard so far. I had many kinds of pomelo before, but this one is great. So next time if I want to eat pomelo I won't definitely miss Kaao Yai. I convince you to try some.

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