27 March 2013

10 Things to Do in Krabi

 Tub Kaek beach, Krabi

Krabi is a must-visit. It is one of the most beautiful provinces in the south of Thailand. Especially, a small beach town in Krabi called Ao Nang, a central point of tourism where resorts and hotels are located and where you can reach beautiful islands. Its area has many rock formations covered by rain forest. I’ve been living in Ao Nang for several years. So I know where to eat local foods, where to visit & what to do. Here are suggestions, 10 things in Krabi are worth a visit.

1. Wander around and see gorgeous limestone mountains
2. Take a sunbathe and swim at the beautiful Railey beach
3. Visit several splendid islands in the Andaman sea
4. Take a stroll and see rubber groves, palm groves and coconut groves
5. Hike at Ngorn Nak Mountain national park
6. Sea kayak at Tha Lane bay
7. Eat crispy roti and delicious local foods cooked by street vendors along Ao Nang road
8. Climb the rocks by the sea
9. Go local, visit flea market where people buy fresh seafood and local products
10. Discover hidden beaches nearby with a gorgeous backdrop of limestone mountains in Ao Nang
Villagers who live in this town remain their life pretty much the way they used to be. So it makes this place truly amazing and worthwhile a visit.

Poramin Taiyaraj